WGS 3611

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History of Gender and Sexuality in America, 1600-1865

Combined with HUIS 3611
This course explores the significance of gender in the territory of the present-day U.S. during the period from the first European settlements to the Civil War.  We will ask, on the one hand, how people’s ideas about gender structured society and, on the other, how social relations defined what it meant to be a man or a woman.  Readings and discussion will focus on three particular areas of inquiry: the rights and obligations of citizenship; the value and division of labor; and the configuration of emotional life (including familial relationships, erotic desires, and individual aspirations).  Resisting any transhistorical definition of womanhood, we will investigate how Native, European, and African understandings of gender changed over time on the North American continent.  We will pay particular attention to shifting class distinctions and regional differences.
This course fulfills the second writing requirement.

Corinne Field
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Combined with HIUS 3611
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Sexuality Concentration
Gender Concentration