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  1. Graduate Course Archives, 2013- 2014

    meet from the beginning of the term until he leaves in early November. Dans la France du XVIIIe siècle, ... cinema, photography, painting, criticism, and theory (a term that implies how sight might lead to insight) ... of the many terms currently à la mode).  What happens when cinema “thinks” photography, when poetry “dreams” ...

    cmb7y - 2016-03-29 08:58

  2. Graduate Program

    by examining them in a broad philosophical and historical context that sheds light on the long-term development ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 2015-10-09 11:07

  3. Each New Immigrant Creates 1.2 Jobs for Local Workers

    that immigration drives down wages. “Although a lot of politicians couch arguments in economic terms, a lot ...

    djb4c - 2015-10-26 13:57

  4. Music Arts Board

    serve a three-semester term (Spring 2016-Spring 2017).  Applications close on Friday, November 6th ...

    mmd3e - 2015-10-28 19:18

  5. Mason

    with a long-term interest in exploring race and gender in American motor sports.  Until recently, he was an active ...

    Carey Carothers - 2015-11-12 20:03

  6. IWL Speaker Series- Dr. Lourdes Ortega, February 4

    finished her term as Journal Editor of Language Learning (2010-2015). ...

    Elle Everhart - 2016-01-05 18:04

  7. New Book by Scott DeVeaux is All About Jazz

    it's a way for them to have concrete examples of musical terms they need to learn as well as a primer ...

    artsci - 2016-01-29 17:04

  8. Slimy & Jordan's Salamanders

    life in terms of breeding, food, habitat, etc. to the slimy salamander, and is even known to hybridize ...

    Carey Carothers - 2016-03-04 09:21

  9. Baldfaced Hornet

    selection.” A paper published in 2009 restates that idea in somewhat different terms by defining group ...

    Carey Carothers - 2016-03-04 10:48

  10. Graduate Courses- Spring 2015

    of the French Renaissance – a term, however, coined only later in the 19th century. The 500th anniversary ...

    kah6f - 2016-03-29 09:01