WGS 3810

This course provides an overview of the historical bases and contemporary developments in feminist theorizing and analyze a range of theories on gender, including liberal, Marxist, radical, difference, and postmodernist feminist theories. We will explore how feminist theories apply to contemporary debates on the body, sexuality, colonialism, globalization and transnationalism. Throughout the course we will incorporate analysis of race, class, and national differences as well as cross-cultural perspectives.

WGS 3200

This course traces the history of American female athletes from the late 1800s through the early 21st century. By gaining an historical understanding of the contributions of female athletes, we will explore the social, political, economic, and cultural constraints that have been placed on sportswomen, and their attempts to transcend such limitations.

WGS 2891

This course provides an opportunity for students to develop their leadership skills through involvement in academic service learning. Students will explore the psychological, social, and cultural issues affecting adolescent girls and apply this understanding through service with the Young Women Leaders Program (YWLP), a mentoring program that pairs middle school girls with college women for a year.


Selected Publications:
Blumberg, Rae Lesser (with Robert F. Winch, Maria-Pilar Garcia, Margaret T. Gordon and Gay C. Kitson). Familial Organization: Quest for Determinants. New York: The Free Press, 1977.
Blumberg, Rae Lesser, Stratification: Socioeconomic and Sexual Inequality. Dubuque, IA: Wm. C. Brown, 1978.



Selected Publications:

The Magic of Capital: A Cultural Critique of Circulation and Generation in Finance (in process)

Traveling Light: On the Road with America’s Poor (Beacon Press, 2008)

Gender in Real Time: Power and Transience in a Visual Age (Psychology Press, 2002)

Long Slow Burn: Sexuality and Social Science (Psychology Press, 1998)


Selected Publications:

“Multiculturalism and Women’s Rights,” The Oxford Handbook of International Political Theory, edited by Chris Brown and Robyn Eckersley (Oxford University Press: forthcoming).

“A Feminist Approach to Quotas and Comparative Politics,” Critical Perspectives on Gender and Politics: Gender Quotas and Comparative Politics, Politics & Gender 9 (3) 2013: 322-328.




Selected Publications:

Gendering the Global Nation (WomenUnlimited)

Lyrical Movements, Historical Hauntings (Stanford University Press, 2002)