ITAL 4350

Images of women as presented in major Italian literary works from the Medieval period to the 20th century. Areas in which gender issues will be examined include authorship, genre, feminist literary criticism, and representation theory. 

SOC 4350

Examines gender stratification - the relative level of equality of men and women in a given group - in comparative and cross-historical perspective.  Several theories are presented to explain the variations, from gender-egalitarian to highly patriarchal groups.

SOC 2380

This course takes an interdisciplinary approach to interrogating links between gender and violence. We will focus on representations of violence and theories of subjectivity in response to violence, querying how gender inflects the event and aftermath of violence.

RELJ 3430

This course explores the role of women in Judaism as understood by classical Jewish sources and as reconceived by key feminist thinkers in the modern era. Starting with the classical sources, this course familiarizes students with talmudic sources that touch on various aspects of women's lives. We begin with the observation that classical Jewish sources imagine sexuality as a potent creative force, and then explore a number of derivative questions affecting the status and lives of women. How did this positive embrace of sexuality affect the place accorded women in Jewish society?

PLPT 4200

Studies modern and contemporary feminist theories of political life.

PLCP 3350

This course examines how different countries “do” gender, exploring the political, social and economic construction of sexual difference.  Our focus will be on how power is gendered and its effects on women and men in the developing world.  We begin with a theoretical discussion of patriarchy, gender and feminist methods.  Continuing to draw upon these theoretical debates, the course then investigates a series of issues, including gender and state formation in the Middle East, women’s political participation in India and South Africa, feminist and women’s movements in Latin America and Ugan

NUCO 3600

Department consent required
Explores issues of health and wellness for women and the childbearing family, major health challenges affecting women, and the recognition and management of complications and risk factors occurring during the reproductive period. Clinical placement includes hospital and community settings.

MUSI 4519 (Topic: Trauma,Shame)

The course, “Trauma, Shame, and Mourning,” addresses relations between music and concepts drawn from psychology and sociology. We often associate music with pleasure and entertainment, but many kinds of music have strong connections with painful, complicated psychological states and life events.

SAST 3300

This class will focus on cinema produced by the industry in Mumbai, popularly called Bollywood. Topics will include the relationship between fiction and documentation, between melodrama and realism, music and affect.  Students will be taught the tools of film analysis and will be expected to watch and unpack films each week.  They will also be expected to consider films in the social, political and economic contexts in which they were made.  

ENCR 4500 - 001(Fem Theory)

An introduction to American feminist criticism and theory.  This course pairs novels and other works by women with theoretical essays in order to contrast diverse feminist approaches.