Selected Publications






Selected Publications


  • Ovid's Causes: Cosmogony and Aetiology in the Metamorphoses, The University of Michigan Press, 1994.
  • Vertis in usum: Studies in honor of E. Courtney, ed. J. Miller, C. Damon, K. S. Myers, Munich 2002.
  • Ovid Metamorphoses 14. Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics. Cambridge. 2009.



Selected Publications
2013 - Vital Relations: Modernity and Persistent Life of Kinship. (With Fenella Cannell, eds). Santa Fe: SAR Press.

2008 - Afterward: Adoptive Relations in Theories of Kinship and Modernity.   In Relative Power: Changing Interpretations of Fosterage and Adoption in Pacific Island Societies. Special Issue of Pacific Studies 31(3/4). Jeanette Dickerson-Putman and Judith Schachter, eds.  Pp. 232-247.  

2005 - Complexities: Beyond Nature and Nurture. (With Sydel Silverman, eds). Chicago: University of Chicago Press.


Selected Publications
2012 - The message in the navel: (ir)realis and negation in Swahili. Language Sciences 34 (2): 200-215.
2008 - Human Relationship Terms, Discourse Prominence, and Asymmetrical Animacy in Swahili. Journal of African Languages and Linguistics 29 (2):127-171.
2007 - Swahili Morphology: Morphologies of Asia and Africa. . Alan Kaye, ed. Pp. 1129-1158. Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns .

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SPAN 4310

Study of major Latin American women writers from 1900 to the present—poets, essayists, playwrights, and fiction writers. We will read works by authors of various generations and countries as well as essays on gender theory. Discussion will focus on the literary representation of issues related to gender and culture, with emphasis on how women from various backgrounds have articulated their female experience in societies that establish strong differences between the roles of men and women. Films and other audiovisual materials will be used to illustrate the social and cultural context.