Selected Publications
The New Media Environment, Wiley-Blackwell, Aug 2010
Speaking Of Abortion, University of Chicago Press, Apr 1999
Women Watching Television, University of Pennsylvania Press, Mar 1991


Selected Publications

Anxiety of Erasure: Trauma, Authorship, and the Diaspora in Arab Women’s Writings. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2015.

Co-editor with (Tarek El-Ariss), "Queer Affects," special issue of International Journal of Middle East Studies 45:2 May 2013.


Selected Publications
"Narrative, Drama, and Emotion in Instrumental Music," in Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 55/3 (1997)
"Concepts of Musical Unity," in Cook and Everist, Rethinking Music (1999); "Musical Performance as Analytical Communication," in Gaskell and Kemal, Performance and Authenticity in the Arts (1999)
"Criticism: General Introduction" and "Narratology, narrativity," in New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians; "Learning from 'Occasional' Writing," in repercussions 6/2 (2001)






Selected Publications
Modern Japanese Women Writers as Artists as Cultural Critics: Miyamoto, Ôba, Saegusa. Portland, ME: MerwinAsia. October, 2012
Birds Crying by Minako Ôba (a 1985 novel). Ithaca, NY: Cornell East Asia Series, New Japanese Horizons. December, 2011
Gender Is Fair Game: (Re)Thinking the (Fe)Male in Minako Ôba’s Works. Armonk, New York: M. E. Sharpe. January, 1999


Selected Publications:
1998 - African American Midwifery in the South: Dialogues of Birth, Race, and Memory. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.
1995 - Modern Minds, Modern Bodies: Reproductive Change in an African-American Community. In Conceiving the New World Order, the Global Politics of Reproduction. Rayna Rapp and Faye Ginsburg, eds. Berkeley: University of California Press.