New WGS Graduate Certificate in Gender & Sexuality Studies

The WGS Department now offers a graduate certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies.  Open to graduate students who are already enrolled in Ph.D. programs in UVA’s Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, the new certificate offers interdisciplinary coursework, mentoring, and certification. This will help graduate students add expertise in Gender & Sexuality Studies, meet others with similar interests, and qualify for academic positions in WGS departments as well as in their home disciplines.  To learn more, click the included link below.

Courses Challenge What It Means to ‘Be a Man’

What does it mean to “be a man,” and why does it matter? The answer is more complicated than you might think, but it’s a topic that students in two University of Virginia courses have taken head-on.

Film Festival: Female Voices from the South

Film Festival Poster

Film Festival: Female Voices from the South

WGS Schedule Changes for Fall 2017


New additions to WGS course offerings for Fall:

WGS 3559           Queer European History              

WGS 3559           Women and Music

WGS 3559           Gender, Sexuality, and Ethnography

WGS 4559           Indigenous Women & Globalization


For details, please refer to SIS or http://wgs.virginia.edu/content/fall-2017

WGS 4559

This course looks at the various ways that globalization--broadly conceived--has shaped the lives, experiences, cultures, and communities of Indigenous women throughout history, and to the present. Equally, this course explores the diverse ways that Indigenous women have embraced, contested, resisted, and responded to globalization.

WGS 3559

This course examines women’s engagements with the sounds, social practices, production, and representation of music. Our case studies draw on popular, vernacular ("folk"), and classical music from the U.S. and around the world, focusing on the 1920s to the present. We will address how music-making can both express and inform gender, and how ideas about gender and sexuality shape musical environments. Previous musical knowledge is not required.

WGS 3559

“Ethnography” is a powerful tool for analyzing people and culture. It is both a method of research and a genre of writing. This course examines the theories, methods, and ethics involved in ethnographic research on gender and sexuality. It addresses questions such as: is research gendered? What can ethnography teach us about gender or sexuality? What is feminist ethnography? Students will conduct ethnographic research in the UVa/local community.