JPTR 5290

This seminar will take up the world's earliest instance of literature written extensively by, for, and about women, including such famous works as the Pillow Book of Sei Shônagon and Sarashina Diary, among others. The focus will be on reading gender as a fictional enactment of desire and identity that is performed through acts of writing and reading. No prior knowledge of Japanese language or literature is required.

SOC 4350

The course examines (1) theories of gender stratification, (2) the extent of, and changes in , gender stratification in the U.S. and (3) a cross-cultural look at the extent of gender stratification from our huntingand-gathering ancestors to today’s information/biotech society. The course will also (4) look at contemporary examples of both local level gender equality/near equality and extreme gender inequality (e.g., in Taliban Afghanistan).

Transgender Patients Have Unique Needs; UVA is Striving to Address Them

Imagine this: you check in at a doctor’s office and are asked to fill out a personal information form. Moving through the list of questions, you arrive at one that asks if you are male or female. What if neither choice is appropriate for you?

For members of the transgender community, this is a common experience.

UVA Ranked as Best College in VA for LGBTQ+ Students

University of Virginia Best

We are pleased to announce that UVA has been named the best college for LGBTQ+ students in Virginia! This new ranking is created by the partnership of Best Colleges and Campus Pride, who curated the list ( based on their criteria of inclusivity factors. What a neat milestone and congratulations to everyone for all their hard work and support!

WGS 4101

This course focuses on women's autobiographical texts and the diverse ways authors explore issues surrounding identity, power, and resistance in their narratives. We will read compelling accounts of imprisonment, reseravation life, political detention, and more, while closely examining women's particpation in ongoing struggles for social justice. 

WGS 2559 (GB VIolence)

This course is open to undergraduate students who wish to reduce gender-based violence through peer education and engagement. This course will introduce students to various theories on the causes of gender-based violence as well as evidence-based intervention strategies, including public health approaches to violence prevention, and effective program planning.

WGS 3680

This course explores how Italian women writers have represented food in their short stories, novels and autobiographies in dialogue with the culture and society from late nineteenth century to the present. These lectures will offer a close reading of the symbolic meaning of food in narrative and the way it intersects with Italian women’s socio-cultural history, addressing issues of gender, identity and politics of the body. Also offered as ITTR 3680.

WGS 2224

Addresses the role the media has played in creating images and understandings of “Blackness” in the United States, particularly where it converges with popular ideologies about gender.  Combined with MDST 2240.



WGS 3625

The main focus of this class is the culture and values of development practitioners, and how these shape ideas of development itself. It explores the interconnected processes, relationships, and spaces through which development practitioners and planners learn, live , work, and encounter (or not) people who are the targets of development plans and interventions.

WGS 4340

Examines leading feminist contributions to, and gendered critiques of, theories of international relations including (but not limited to) war, peace and security; international political economy; and international institutions and organizations.