Amanda Davis, "0n Meaning: Engaging in Transformative Work"

WGS Lecturer Amanda Davis has been invited (again) to give a lecture as part of the Unforgettable Lecture Series: Best of UVA.  Dont miss it!

Prof. Doug Meyer's Book Release

We are proud to announce the release of Professor Doug Meyer’s first book.  Appropriately, it was released this Sunday on National Coming Out Day. 

Performance: Crimes Against Nature

Crimes Against Nature is a 65 minute solo theatre performance written and performed by Chris Kilmartin, directed by Gregg Stull, and supported by a Jepson Funds for Excellence Grant for Teaching Innovation.  It is a humorous and compelling look at the social pressure to be masculine.  Using a good deal of autobiographical material to illustrate universal gender themes, Crimes Against Nature points out the absurdities and contradictions of masculine demands and leaves the audience with a heightened awareness of the nature of these demands and a sense that one has choices ab

The Mask You Live In

Earlier this month we hosted a screening of The Mask You Live In  a film by the creators of the Miss Representation Project.  If you missed the event, happily the movie is available on live stream through Virgo.  Read more in The Cavalier Daily, "The Mask You Live In" sparks self-reflection: On-grounds organizations collaborate to challenge gender role expectations.


Selected Publications:
“The Episcopal Career of Gregory of Elvira” Journal of Ecclesiastical History (to appear April 2014).
“The Patristic Reception of Luke and Acts: Scholarship, Theology and Moral Exhortation in the Homilies of Origen and John Chrysostom”, in Issues in Luke-Acts (ed. S. Adams and M. Pahl; Gorgias Press, 2012), pp. 263-86.

WGS 3500(VisArt)

This course will provide an introduction to feminist theory and visual culture by focusing on the relationships between several key feminist concerns, including gender, sexuality, and difference.  Readings in the course will examine how these concerns have played a role in the production, distribution, and reception of the visual arts over a wide variety of time periods and geographic locations.  Students will familiarize themselves with historical examples of "feminist artistic practice," as well as contemporary examples of visual culture that continue earlier investigations carried out by

"Sister Talk" radio show 1990-2004 streaming on Virgo

The UVA library now has 93 episodes of Sister Talk, a joint radio production between WTJU and Women, Gender, and Sexuality program (WGS), available as streaming audio in Virgo!
Hosted by Anne Lane, former director of the WGS program, Sister Talk is a radio program originally broadcast in the late 1990’s to early 2000’s that focuses on “current research, books, plays, politics, and all kinds of other cultural and intellectual concerns from the perspective of women and gender.”

UVA in India provides WGS opportunities

WGS Associate Professor, Geeta Patel, is organizing an opportunity to study in India for Spring 2016.  The program is open to anyone and is especially suited to be tailored to students with an interest in Women, Gender & Sexuality.  UVA in India is working closely with feminist NGOs in India  to set up internship/externship possibilities in governance, law, managing violence and health care for WGS students interested in these areas. The methodology course, GSGS 3559 Interdisciplinary Research Methods, is designed around feminist theory and methods.

Intimacy Lectures, Martha Albertson Fineman,“Intimacy and Vulnerability”

Martha Albertson Fineman, Emory University,  is an internationally recognized law and society scholar, Fineman is a leading authority on family law and feminist jurisprudence. Fineman is founder and director of the Feminism and Legal Theory (FLT) Project, which was inaugurated in 1984. In 2010, the 25th anniversary edition of Transcending the Boundaries of Law: Generations of Feminism and Legal Theory was published. Two other recent collections from the FLT Project edited by Fineman are: What Is Right for Children?

Virginia Alumni Mentoring Orientation

Virginia Alumni Mentoring (VAM) is a program that connects students with alumni who have volunteered to provide insights about the process of choosing and starting a career in their specific field.  This session will get current students started in making a connection to a VAM mentor who shares their interest and background in Women, Gender & Sexuality.  Already 22 WGS alumni have signed up to be mentors!