Salvador Vidal-Ortiz, Queer Brown Voices, book talk on LGBT Latina/o activists

In the last three decades of the twentieth century, LGBT Latinas/os faced several forms of discrimination. The greater Latino community did not often accept sexual minorities, and the mainstream LGBT movement expected everyone, regardless of their ethnic and racial background, to adhere to a specific set of priorities so as to accommodate a “unified” agenda.

2015 Highlight: Professor Milani wins Zintl Leadership Award

In 2015 the U.Va.  Women’s Center honored Farzaneh Milani as the recipient of the 2015 Elizabeth Zintl Leadership Award.  Milani is the current chair of the Department of Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures (MESALC) and the previous director. and a current Professor of Women, Gender and Sexuality (WGS) at U.Va. She has been a U.Va. professor for almost 30 years, teaching in both MESALC and WGS.

Denise Walsh Selected as an Inaugeral Mellon Humanities Fellow

The Mellon Humanities Fellows Program is part of a broad multi-year Global South research initiative funded through a partnership between the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Heath Fogg Davis, Temple University "Male or Female? A Liberal Argument Against Sex-Marked Identity Documents "

Why do we have binary sex markers on our birth certificates, driver's licenses and passports? Is this administrative custom necessary? Is it harmful? This talk is based on Professor Davis' book project, Sex Classification Policies and Race-Sex Discrimination: A Practical Argument for Radical Reform, which uses liberal non-discrimination law to radically question our need for sex-classification policies on identity documents, and in the administration of public restrooms, sports, single-sex colleges, and prisons.

Charlotte Patterson wins award for Best Paper in Family Studies

Charlotte Patterson (Director of Women, Gender & Sexuality Program and Professor of Psychology) and Rachel Farr have won the 2015 Alexis Walker Award for the best paper in the field of family studies for 2013-2014. The paper title is “Coparenting among lesbian, gay and heterosexual couples:  Associations with adopted children’s outcomes”. It appeared in Child Development, July/August 2013.

MDST 3407

The history of American cinema is inextricably and controversially tied to the racial politics of the U.S. This course will explore how images of racial and ethnic minorities such as African Americans, Jews, Asians, Native Americans and Latino/as are reflected on screen and the ways that minorities in the entertainment industry have responded to often limiting representations.

"The Mother of the Race and Modern Girls: Intersections of Racial and Generational Conflict in the US Women's Rights Movement, 1870-1920" Corinne Field, UVA

"Informed or Misinformed Consent? Abortion Politics in the States" Cynthia Daniels, Professor, Rutgers University

WGS Coffee Social



“Terror and Subjugation in the Reconstruction South: A Chapter in the History of Sexualized Violence" Dr. Lisa Cardyn, Stanford University