WGS 4101

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Issues In Women's Autobiographies

This class focuses on women’s autobiographical texts and the diverse ways authors explore issues surrounding identity, power, and resistance in their narratives. We will read compelling accounts of imprisonment, reservation life, political detention, and more, while closely examining women’s participation in ongoing struggles for social justice. Texts by women of color will be placed at the center of study, with detailed readings of autobiographies by African American, Latina, and Native American women in particular.  
Given the sheer number of works that have been produced, this course will concentrate specifically on women’s memoirs of activism and their experiences living on various borders. Students will have the unique opportunity to write their own individual autobiographies or to assemble edited collections of women’s autobiographical writings in an area of their choosing, and thus be able to contribute to women’s activist and intellectual histories as well.

Amanda Davis
Special NOTE: 
This course is a designated WGS Senior Seminar.
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Gender Concentration