Get Schooled

Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Get Schooled

An exerpt from the CavDaily...
"...Ecofeminism (WSG 3559)
This new course explores the unique interdisciplinary field of environmental humanities, specifically targeting the role of women as progressive environmental thinkers throughout the 20th century.
What exactly is ecofeminism? The course is grounded in the fundamental idea that the degradation of our planet and the historical oppression of women are inherently linked. The course is designed for students who may not know much about the environment, but are concerned and motivated to learn more about how to act with agency. Through exposure to various theories, praxis and art, students will learn about women who have been responsible for articulating several relevant issues in the environmental movement.
“It’s very important for young people to start grasping these issues, because in your lifetime they will be affecting you,” Professor Kendra Hamilton said."
(For a course description visit the WGS website.)