J-Term 2013

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DRAM 3320 – The Fine Art of Dress I: Conformity and Individuality (Adjunct)
Gweneth West
Expores the cultural influences on fashion choices and expression of identity you create for  the 21st century.  Examination of your own wardrobe and study of the History of Dress serves as grounding for research into selected garments from The Collection of Historic Dress, c. 1795-1965. Working with extant garments  provides insight into these  periods of American history, the cultural influences, and  the people who inhabited these clothes.
MDST 3306 – Sexuality, Gender, Class and Race in the Teen Film (Primary)
Andrea Press
The focus of this class will be on viewings and analyses of films featuring images of teens produced between 1930 and the present, focusing on the following questions: what is adolescence (and how has it been defined in American film)? What is the range of experience that characterizes American adolescence across gender, race, and class lines? How does it make sense to think about the social influence of films on individuals and society?