Selected Publications
Cool Men and the Second Sex, Columbia University Press, 2003

Unbecoming Women: British Women Writers and the Novel of Development, Columbia University Press, 1994

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Professor of English
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Department of English
210 Bryan Hall
PO Box 400121
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4121


B.A., Princeton
M.A., Columbia
Ph.D., Columbia


My primary interest is in feminist theory and, more generally, issues of gender and sexuality whether in a theoretical context or within primary texts from Mansfield Park to Pulp Fiction.  My book on narratives of female development features chapters on Frances Burney and Jane Austen among others—and Austen is the single figure to whom I find myself returning most frequently.  I have edited the Norton Critical edition of Northanger Abbey and had something to say in print about most of Austen’s novels.   At the same time, my teaching and scholarship have shifted increasingly to consider popular and academic culture in the United States today.  Cool Men and the Second Sex (2003) is a feminist critique of such contemporary artists and intellectuals as Spike Lee, Quentin Tarantino, Andrew Ross, and Edward Said.  As this book suggests, my current interests include recent cinema and the late twentieth-century academy.  Though I continue to focus on narrative forms, today my archive extends from novels, movies, and academic writing to reality television, decorating manuals, and women’s magazines.  I am presently working on a study of marginal forms of domesticity, and my latest article engages with the area of animal studies.

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Associate and Affiliate Faculty