Political Bodies

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Political Bodies - Virginia Film Festival

Saturday 1:00 p.m., Regal 2 Downtown Mall
Discussion with Meredith Harbach (University of Richmond), Corinne Field, Lynn Sanders, and Emily Drake (all U.Va.)

2013. USA. 80 min. Director: Christopher Englese. Featuring: Katherine Waddell, Molly Vick, Meredith Harbach, Rosemary Codding

2012 was a watermark year in Virginia for women’s health, when state politicians voted on and passed the controversial Right To Know and See Act, a bill which would require women seeking an abortion to receive and pay for an invasive ultrasound inspection. What politicians didn’t count on was the forceful response from women of Virginia, or the hundreds who gathered on the steps of the state capitol to protest the bill. Empowered and emboldened to express their beliefs and fight for their rights, Virginian women are heard loud and clear in this powerful documentary.

Supported by U.Va. Women, Gender, & Sexuality Program

1:00 p.m.