WGS 2559 (DR)

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Adolescent Girls and Sustainable Development in the Dominican Republic

     In this course, we will work to understand the unique and complex challenges girls living in poverty in the Dominican Republic and the wider global south face. We will evaluate the role and impact of policies, institutions, and non-profit organizations in creating economic independence and increased agency for adolescent girls, as well as the effectiveness of gender-specific programming aimed at this population group.  Our focus will be rooted specifically in the Dominican Republic, so that students will have the opportunity to engage in critical, contextually-driven analysis, and also have the chance to take part in meaningful community and service engagement at the local level. 

      The Mariposa DR Foundation will serve as our host for this course, and we will work alongside its founder, lead teachers, volunteers, and more than 150 program participants each day we are there. This organization works to end generational poverty through the empowerment of girls in Cabarete, DR, and features an approach to development and an extensive set of programs that they hope to see replicated in many other regions throughout the world. The course is intended to give students interested in such areas as global development work, transnational feminism, and globalization the chance to engage and learn from grassroots experts in the field. Indeed, learning will consistently extend beyond the classroom with visits to local neighborhoods, participation in girl-centered programming, and engagement with local leaders.

Amanda Davis
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STUDY ABROAD OPTION. Does not count toward concentrations.
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