Summer 2016

Women, Gender & Sexuality Courses

WGS 2100 - Intro to Gender and Sexuality Studies - Lisa Speidel

WGS 2224 - Black Femininities and Masculinities in the U.S. Media - Lisa Shutt

WGS 3210 - Gender, Sport and Film - Bonnie Hagerman

WGS  3306   Sexuality, Gender, Class and Race in the Teen Film - Andrea Press     

WGS 3409 -  LGBTQ Issues in the Media - André Cavalcante

WGS 3612 - Gender and Sexuality in the United States, 1865-present - Bonnie Hagerman

WGS 4140 - Gender and American Political Behavior - Nicholas Winter

WGS 4700 - Men & Masculinities  - Lisa Speidel

Affiliated Courses

A list of classes identified as being primary courses counting toward the WGS major/minor, including those offered by other departments, for Summer 2016 is available HERE.

Please contact the Program with questions about the list.