Spring 2019

Women, Gender & Sexuality Courses 

WGS 2100            Intro to Gender & Sexuality Studies                        Avery   

WGS 2100            Intro to Gender & Sexuality Studies                        Arnold 

WGS 2100            Intro to Gender & Sexuality Studies                        Hagerman

WGS 2500            Human Sexuality                                                     Speidel                

WGS 2559            Gender, Body Image & Activism                             Chestnutt/Luedtke

WGS 2559            WGS Sr Internship                                                  Miller-Bryant

WGS 2559            WGS Sr Internship                                                  Kaplan 

WGS 2896            Front Lines of Social Change II                               Palko

WGS 3105            Issues in LGBTQ Studies                                        Meyer 

WGS 3115            Work, Women’s Work and Women Workers in South Asia            Sathiamma

WGS 3200            Women, Gender and Sports                                       Hagerman

WGS 3340            Transnational Feminism                                             Davis

WGS 3800            Queer Theory                                                             Cavalcante

WGS 3810            Feminist Theory                                                         Walsh

WGS 3814            Gender, Sexuality, Identity in Premodern France      McGrady

WGS 4500            Violence Against Sexual Minorities                            Meyer 

WGS 4559            Gender & Nationalism in the Middle East                  Burak Adli

WGS 4700            Men and Masculinities                                               Speidel

WGS 4800            Gender-Based Violence                                            Speidel


Affiliated Courses

AAS 2224             Black Femininities and Masculinities in US Media     Shutt

AAS 3000             Women and Religion in Africa                                    Hoehler-Fatton

ENEC 3200           18th Century Women Writers                                     Hurley

ENLT 2524            Studies in Drama                                                       Streifer

ENLT 2547            Black Writers in America                                           Harris

ENMC 4500         Advanced Studies in Modern and Contemporary Lit  Wallace

GETR 3590           Courses in English                                                    Schmid

JPTR 3020            Survey of Modern Japanese Lit                                Goto

PSYC 4603            Psychology of Sexual Orientation                            Patterson

RELA 3000            Women and Religion in Africa                                 Hoehler-Fatton

RELJ 2030             Intro to Judaism                                                      Alexander

SATR 3000           Women Writing in India & Pakistan: 1947-Present  Hashmi

SOC 2052             Sociology of the Family                                            Wilcox  

SOC 2320             Gender and Society                                                 Bair

SPAN 4310          Latin American Women Writers 1900-Present         Lagos

SPAN 4621          Latin American Women Poets                                  Pellon  

USEM 1580         University Seminar                                                    Thomas

USEM 1580         University Seminar                                                    Ozment