Spring 2018

Women, Gender & Sexuality Courses

WGS 2100-100  Intro to Gender and Sexuality Studies   Field

WGS 2100-002  Intro to Gender & Sexuality Studies    Speidel  

WGS 2100-003  Intro to Gender & Sexuality Studies    Arnold

WGS 2224-001  Black Femininities and Masculinities in Media  Shutt

WGS 2224-002  Black Femininities and Masculinities in Media  Shutt

WGS 2500     Human Sexualities                                 Speidel

WGS 2552     Choice and Sexuality                            Runde

WGS 2559     Gender, Body Image, and Activism       Luedtke

WGS 2559     Prevention of Gender Based Violence   Kaplan

WGS 2896     Front Lines of Social Change II             Palko

WGS 3105     Issues in LGBTQ Studies                     Meyer

WGS 3115     Work, Women's Work and Women Worker in South Asia Sathiamma

WGS 3340     Transnational Feminism                      Davis

WGS 3559     Women and Work                                  Gismondi

WGS 3612     Gender & Sexuality in US, 1865 – current Hagerman

WGS 3680    Eve’s Sinful Bite: Foodscapes in Women’s Writing Culture and Society    Calamita

WGS 3750     Women, Childhood, Autobiography       Martens

WGS 3800     Queer Theory                                         Cavalcante

WGS 3810-001 Feminist Theory                                     Walsh

WGS 3810-002 Feminist Theory                                     Hagerman 

WGS 3814       Gender, Sexuality, Identity in Premodern France  McGrady

WGS 4200      Sex and Gender Go to the Movies         Press

WGS 4500       Violence Against Sexual Minorities        Meyer

WGS 4559        Gender, Race & Sport                            Hagerman

WGS 4559        Sound/Body/Gender                               Gordon

WGS 4700        Men and Masculinities                            Speidel

WGS 4750        Global History of Black Girlhood             Field           


Affiliated Teaching – Spring 2018


AAS 2224   Black Femininities and Masculinities in the US Media   Shutt                                                                     

ANTH 3129 Marriage, Mortality, Fertility     Shepherd

CHTR 3840 Writing Women in Modern China     Laughlin          

CHTR 5840 Writing Women in Modern China     Laughlin    

ENLT 2524  Studies in Drama                             Streifer                      

JPTR 3020/5020 Survey of Modern Japanese Literature     Goto                

MDST 4200  Sex and Gender Go to the Movies     Press   

PETR 3559/5559 Iranian Women Writers           Milani

RELC 4610   Sex and Morality                                Portman          

SATR 3000   Women Writing in India and Pakistan:1947-Present  Farooqi       

SOC 2052     Sociology of the Family                     Pugh            

SOC 2320     Gender and Society                          Bair                    

SOC 4350     Comparative Gender Stratification    Blumberg          

SOC 5320     Sociology of Gender                          Pugh