Performance: Crimes Against Nature

Monday, November 2, 2015
Crimes Against Nature

Crimes Against Nature is a 65 minute solo theatre performance written and performed by Chris Kilmartin, directed by Gregg Stull, and supported by a Jepson Funds for Excellence Grant for Teaching Innovation.  It is a humorous and compelling look at the social pressure to be masculine.  Using a good deal of autobiographical material to illustrate universal gender themes, Crimes Against Nature points out the absurdities and contradictions of masculine demands and leaves the audience with a heightened awareness of the nature of these demands and a sense that one has choices about whether or not to accede to them.
Co-sponsored by the Women, Gender and Sexuality Program, Maxine Platzer Lynn Women's Center at UVA, The UVA Drama Department, The Sexual Assault Resource Agency and the Office of the Provost & the Vice Provost for the Arts.
This is an FOA approved event.

Helms Theater