Heath Fogg Davis, Temple University "Male or Female? A Liberal Argument Against Sex-Marked Identity Documents "

Friday, January 29, 2016
Health Fogg Davis

Why do we have binary sex markers on our birth certificates, driver's licenses and passports? Is this administrative custom necessary? Is it harmful? This talk is based on Professor Davis' book project, Sex Classification Policies and Race-Sex Discrimination: A Practical Argument for Radical Reform, which uses liberal non-discrimination law to radically question our need for sex-classification policies on identity documents, and in the administration of public restrooms, sports, single-sex colleges, and prisons. He argues that fewer sex classification policies would benefit not just transgender, gender non-conforming, and intersex individuals, but indeed all of us.
Heath Fogg Davis is a writer, teacher and activist whose work in classrooms, boardrooms, community centers, and media seeks to alleviate discrimination and inequality. He is an educator and advocate for marginalized communities, inspiring and training people in the art of institutional change. Sponsored by the WGS Bernard Mayes LGBTQ Lecture Series, Department of Politics, and Political Theory.

3:30 PM
Nau 342