Flash Seminar: Feminist Generations: Age, Equality, and Political Engagement Led by Professor Corinne Field

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Seminar with Professor Corinne Field on "Feminist Generations: Age, Equality, and Political Engagement," which is rooted in discussion about the recent Steinem/Albright media controversy.  

In February, eighty-one-year-old feminist icon Gloria Steinem ignited a media firestorm when she accused younger women of supporting Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton because “the boys are with Bernie.”  Young activists quickly shot back that they were mature enough to make up their own minds about presidential candidates.  Is there a feminist generation gap?  What, if anything, do advocates of gender equality owe their elders? In this seminar, we will consider various approaches to understanding the intersections of age, gender equality, and political engagement.  
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Minor 130