Film Festival: Female Voices from the South

Thursday, September 21, 2017
Film Festival Poster

Film Festival: Female Voices from the South
Aims and Significance: Women directors have often been neglected by mainstream audiences and canonical academic syllabi. At a time of uncertainty for women's rights, we would like to give voice to female filmmakers, protagonists and minor characters who have questioned the status quo with their gaze, their stories, and their behaviors, and have gone beyond the traditional portrayal of women as saints or sinners. Our selections of movies 'from the South' encompasses a variety of countries and latitudes to bring women's experiences from a cross-cultural and global point of view to the forefront.
Dates: 21-24 September, 8 pm


Ixcanul (Guatemala) 

Que horas ela volta?(Brazil)                                                               

La puerta abierta (Spain)                                                             

Incompresa (Italy)                                            

Sueño de una noche de San Juan (animation, Spain)

Downtown Charlottesville