Fall 2018

Women, Gender & Sexuality Courses 

WGS 2100-002 Intro to Gender & Sexuality Studies Spiedel 

WGS 2100-100 Intro to Gender & Sexuality Studies Hagerman

WGS 2100-003 Intro to Gender & Sexuality Studies Arnold 

WGS 3105 Issues in LGBTQ Studies Cavalcante Concentration: Sexuality 

WGS 3110 Queer American History Meyer Concentration: Sexuality

WGS 3220 Global Perspectives on Gender & Sport Hagerman 

WGS 3800 Queer Theory Meyer Concentration: Sexuality 

WGS 3800 Feminist Theory Hagerman Concertration: Gender 

WGS 4101 Women's Autobiographies Davis 

WGS 4700 Men and Masculinities Speidel 

WGS 7500 Approaches to Gender & Sexuality Stuides Walsh