Fall 2018

Women, Gender & Sexuality Courses 

WGS 2100-100 Intro to Gender & Sexuality Studies Hagerman

WGS 2100-003 Intro to Gender & Sexuality Studies Arnold 

WGS 2224-001 Black Femininities and Masculinities in Media Shutt

WGS 2224-002 Black Femininities and Masculinities in Media Shutt

WGS 2500 Topics in Women, Gender & Sexuality: Human Sexuality Speidel

WGS 2891 Issues Facing Adolescent Girls I Levy

WGS 2893 Fostering Leadership in Women and Girls I Miller-Bryant

WGS 2895 Front Lines of Social Change: Through the Lens of Gender, Race and Class Miller-Bryant

WGS 2897 Gender Violence and Social Justice Kaplan

WGS 3105 Issues in LGBTQ Studies Cavalcante Concentration: Sexuality 

WGS 3110 Queer American History Meyer Concentration: Sexuality

WGS 3220 Global Perspectives on Gender & Sport Hagerman 

WGS 3559 New Course in Women, Gender & Sexuality: Italy on Screen Calamita

WGS 3800 Queer Theory Meyer Concentration: Sexuality 

WGS 3810 Feminist Theory Hagerman Concertration: Gender 

WGS 4101 Women's Autobiographies Davis 

WGS 4350 Comparative Gender Stratification Blumberg

WGS 4620 Black Feminist Theory Avery

WGS 4700 Men and Masculinities Speidel 

WGS 7500 Approaches to Gender & Sexuality Stuides Walsh 


Affiliated Courses

AAS 2224 Black Femininities and Masculinities in the US Media Shutt

ARTR 3350 Into to Arab Women’s Literature Staff

EDHS 2891 Issues Facing Adolescent Girls Levy

EDHS 3891 Fostering Leadership in Girls and Women Miller-Bryant

EDHS 3500 Practicum in Peer Alcohol Education Bruce

ENAM 3750 Sex and Sentiment Ogden

ENLT 2524 Studies in Drama Staff

ENLT 2547 Black Writers in America: Race, Crime, and Justice Ingle

ENLT 2552 Women in Literature Staff

GETR 3590 Stories of Love and Adventure McDonald

JPTR 3290 Feminine Fictions in Japanese Court Lit Heldt

JPTR 5290 Feminine Fictions in Japanese Court Lit Heldt

MDST 4200 Sex and Gender Go to the Movies Press

PLPT 4200 Feminist Political Theory Balfour

RELB 3150 Seminar in Buddhism and Gender Liang

SOC 2052 Sociology of the Family Pugh

SOC 2320 Gender and Society Blumberg

SOC4350 Comparative Gender Stratification Blumberg