Fall 2017

Women, Gender & Sexuality Courses

WGS 2100-100  Intro to Gender and Sexuality Studies   Hagerman

WGS 2100-002  Intro to Gender and Sexuality Studies   Speidel

WGS 2100-003  Intro to Gender and Sexuality Studies   Arnold

WGS 2224  Black Femininities and Masculinities in U.S. Media  Shutt   Concentration: Gender

WGS 2891  Issues Facing Adolescent Girls  Lawrence

WGS 2893  Fostering Leadership in Women and Girls  Miller-Bryant

WGS 2895  Front Lines of Social Change: Through the Lens of Gender, Race & Class  Miller-Bryant

WGS 2897  Gender Violence and Social Justice  Kaplan

WGS 3105  Issues in LGBTQ Studies   Cavalcante   Concentration: Sexuality

WGS 3110 Queer American History   Meyer   Concentration: Sexuality

WGS 3230 Gender and the Olympic Games   Hagerman   Global Requirement & Concentration: Gender

WGS 3559-001 Incarcerated Women   Davis   Concentration: Gender

WGS 3559-002 Women's Rights in Modern Italy   Calamita

WGS 3559-003 Queer European History   Butcher

WGS 3559-004 Women and Music   Flood

WGS 3559-005 Ethnography of Gender and Sexuality   Flood

WGS 3800  Queer Theory  Meyer   Concentration: Sexuality

WGS 3810  Feminist Theory  Field   Concentration: Gender

WGS 3993  Independent Study As Arranged. Permission of instructor necessary before enrolling in SIS.

WGS 4559-001  New Course in WGS: Black Feminist Theory   Avery

WGS 4559-003 Indigenous Women & Globalization   Gismondi

WGS 4700 Men and Masculinities Speidel  Concentration: Sexuality and Gender

WGS 4998  Senior Thesis  As Arranged (for pursuing a WGS Distinguished Major)

WGS 7559 New Course in WGS: Approaches to Gender & Sexuality Studies   Walsh

Affiliated Courses

A list of classes identified as counting toward the WGS major/minor being offered by other departments, for Fall 2017 is HERE.

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