Fall 2016

Women, Gender & Sexuality Courses

WGS 2100-100  Intro to Gender and Sexuality Studies   Hagerman

WGS 2100-002  Intro to Gender and Sexuality Studies   Speidel

WGS 2100-003  Intro to Gender and Sexuality Studies   Davis

WGS 2100-004  Intro to Gender and Sexuality Studies   Arnold

WGS 2224  Black Femininities and Masculinities in U.S. Media  Shutt

WGS 2891  Issues Facing Adolescent Girls  Lawrence

WGS 2893  Fostering Leadership in Women and Girls  Levy

WGS 2895  Front Lines of Social Change: Through the Lens of Gender, Race & Class  Miller-Bryant

WGS 2897  Gender Violence and Social Justice  Kaplan

WGS 3105  Issues in LGBTQ Studies   Cavalcante   Concentration: Sexuality

WGS 3140  Border Crossings: Women, Islam and Literature in the Middle East and North Africa  Milani  Concentration: Gender  Global

WGS 3220 Global Perspectives on Gender & Sport  Hagerman   Concentration: Gender  Global

WGS 3440 Gender and Muliticulturalism  McKelligan Hernandez  Concentration: Gender

WGS 3500 -001 Women in the Visual Arts McKelligan Hernandez Concentration: Gender

WGS 3559 Queer American History  Meyer Concentration: Sexuality

WGS 3770  Women Writers: Women on Women  Martens  Concentration: Gender

WGS 3800  Queer Theory  Meyer

WGS 3810  Feminist Theory  Walsh

WGS 3993  Independent Study As Arranged. Permission of instructor necessary before enrolling in SIS.

WGS 4350  Comparative Gender Stratification Blumberg  Concentration: Gender  Global

WGS 4559  New Course in WGS: Global History of Black Girlhood Field Concentration: Gender  Global

WGS 4559  New Course in WGS: Gender and Nationalism in the Middle East Burak Adli Concentration: Gender  Global

WGS 4610 LGBTQ Communities: Race, Class, Gender Meyer   Concentration: Sexuality

WGS 4650 Gender, Poetry and Mindfulness Patel Concentration: Gender  Global 

WGS 4700 Men and Masculinities Speidel  Concentration: Sexuality and Gender

WGS 4999  Senior Thesis  As Arranged (for pursuing a WGS Distinguished Major)

Affiliated Courses

A list of classes identified as counting toward the WGS major/minor being offered by other departments, for Fall 2016 is HERE.

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