Amy Richards, "The Good Enough Woman"

Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Amy Richards Event

Women today are expected to be everything! It's assumed that the glass ceiling has been shattered and thus the only thing holding women back are themselves. But examples of what women can become are too limited. We only celebrate women when they are excellent -- the first, the best, the most senior, the highest paid...Instead we have to encourage women to create their own definitions of success. 

Amy Richards is the author of several books on contemporary feminist issues including Manifesta: Young women, Feminism & the Future, Grassroots and Opting In: Having a Child Without Yourself. She is the president of Soapbox, Inc. a feminist lecture agency and the creators of Feminist Camp. Amy is consultant to MAKERS and was a consulting producer on the HBO documentary Gloria: In Her Own Words. She is presently at work on a book based on MAKERS and producing content with Vice Media. 

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3:30 PM
Minor 125