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Assistant Professor of Media Studies and Women, Gender & Sexuality
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Department of Media Studies

225 Wilson Hall

PO Box 400866

Charlottesville, VA 22904-4866


Women, Gender & Sexuality

201 Levering Hall

P.O. Box 400177

Charlottesville, VA 22904


B.S., New York Univesrity

M.A., New York University

Ph.D., University of Michigan


Dr. Cavalcante joined the Media Studies Department as an Assistant Professor in Fall of 2013. He also has a joint appointment with Women, Gender and Sexuality. He hails from the Department of Communication Studies doctoral program at the University of Michigan where he was honored with the ‘Graduate Student Instructor of the Year' Award in 2009.

Dr. Cavalcante's research explores the intersection of media, identity formation, and everyday life. He specializes in analyses of media's critical role in establishing and rearticulating social identities along the axes of race, gender, nationality, and sexuality. He co-authored a book chapter in Watching While Black: Centering the Television of Black Audiences titled "Two Different Worlds: Television as a Producer's Medium" and a journal article in Critical Studies in Media Communication titled, "Centering Transgender Identity via the Textual Periphery: TransAmerica and the 'Double Work' of Paratexts."

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Office Hours Fall 2017: Thursdays 4-6PM Wilson 225, by appointment

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Core Faculty